Nicole Michelle is the vocal prodigy we’ve all been waiting for. She started honing her craft at the tender age of 9 singing and dancing around her house in New Hampshire. When she was 11 years old, Nicole sang to an audience for the first time after winning a local contest to perform at a New England Revolutions soccer game. What she didn’t know was that New England Patriots Owner — Robert Kraft, was so impressed with her performance he invited her to sing the National Anthem for the Patriots in the fall of that same year. Subsequently, she was asked to perform the Anthem again for the Boston Celtics and Boston Red Sox several times.

Through her management, she caught the attention of Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees). He started working with Nicole, developing her and guiding her career. Nicole continued to work with Jeff Timmons and started garnishing a ton of exposure and notoriety that lead to multiple opportunities. She’s performed alongside superstars like Peyton List, Alessia Cara, Bebe Rhexa, Dua Lipa, Backstreet Boys, New Kids on The Block, and much more. Nicole has been featured in top publications such as Variety, Huffington Post, CW, and more. In June 2018, Nicole had 2 songs featured in Lionsgate/Ambigroup Film, “Bernie The Dolphin”. The producers loved her so much that they casted her for a role in “Bernie The Dolphin 2”, which released on digital and in theaters in December 2019.


With so much promise and potential, Nicole’s now signed to a new deal with Kay-Gee & Vin-Rock’s (Naughty by Nature) New Label, Slugga Ventures. She has a debut EP dropping Spring 2020. Nicole has a jewelry line launching in Spring 2020, with Dune Jewelry Company as well.


Paramount to her incredible achievements as a teenager, it’s her pure love of singing and performing for an audience that makes Nicole glow. The future for Nicole reflects that same promise and glow!